25 March 2022

Thomas Irwin & The High "La La" release and his Interview

The hotly anticipated track release of “La La” by Thomas Irwin & The High is out now!

Here’s what Thomas has to say about his latest release “La La”‘

“When I first started La La, it was just a simple hooky melody, but after playing a football game on my phone and hearing samba music, I had the crazy idea to hire a samba choir to sing this melody.  I then recorded a range of trumpets before using organic samba percussion as a bed for the track.  I wrote a vocal melody that has a call and response feel with the ‘La’s’  and I knew I had to get The High to sing on this.  They have worked and collaborated with Avicii, Cazzzette & AronChumpa to name just a few and they are amazing to work with!  I hope you like it!”


Don’t miss out, get “La La” on Spotify right here…….

Thomas Irwin Interview

We managed to get Thomas to take a few minutes away from his busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with one of the Orean team. Thomas is starting to appear on a lot of radars and what he had to tell us is really exciting! See the full interview below.

Hi Thomas, can you give us a short introduction to yourself?

Sure, my name's Thomas and I'm an electronic dance music DJ and producer. I go under my real name Thomas Irwin. I'm from the north of the UK, a place called Doncaster but I have been living in London for the last 18 months. Since the start of my teens, my whole life has been learning about the creation of music and I started releasing music 2 years ago. Since then I've worked with some big dance labels, been featured in many electronic music blogs and recognised by the Industry.

So I’ve heard you’ve got an upcoming release, when is it coming out?

My new track "La La" is coming out next week, Friday 25 March and I'm super excited about it!

What is your new release about, what inspired it?

I feel like dance music is such a broad term that it's hard to define my take on it, but I come from the perspective of songwriter; everything I do has to have a melody or lyric people can connect to, that makes you feel a certain way. For La La, I had this really catchy melody in my head, but I wasn't sure how to produce it. I found myself sat down playing a football game on my phone which had samba music, this is when I had the crazy idea to use this as inspiration for La La. I then hired a Brazilian choir , brass players and a Caribbean voice-over artist. It sounds crazy, but it feels special because it's unique. I still felt like I could have the lead vocal, so I had a session with my great friend, The High, and together we wrote the call and response style lead vocal. He always kills it!

What’s your favourite part about it and can we expect more of this sound?

I loved using different voices in this track, the whole choir, along with The High and the voice-over artist really adds variation. There is also something so special about layered voice chants; this is definitely something I'm continuing to explore in my upcoming music.

Any interesting upcoming dates / events?

Yeah, I've got a very busy few months ahead of me. On the 22nd March I'm playing my debut set at Ministry of Sound - it's an honour to start my live shows there! A few days later, on 25th, La La releases which I'm super excited about! Then a week after that, I'm headlining my debut event at The Gallery, Tileyard which a lot of my talented friends are playing at! I've got more sets throughout the Spring / Summer season, including both club and festival and I'm very fortunate that Point Blank Music School are taking me to Ibiza in April to run a workshop! Yeah very busy ha ha, that's not to mention the music coming out as well!

Your first headline event, that’s amazing!  Why do you think people should stop by at Tileyard?

It's going to be such a great night with do many young, talented DJ's and artists on show. Each artist has their own style in electronic music and it's a great way to share some of our own music to music lovers! Tileyard is a great venue as well, with lots of great people working there. You should definitely come, it's going to be so much fun! (You can buy tickets via Listme by clicking on the button below).

Thanks for taking the time for this interview Thomas!

Thanks guys, and you!