your dreams come to life

We are a new artist management company, our aim is to help independent artists reach their goals, supporting them fully on their journey.


Adrian Norman, Founder

Originally from Guernsey, he has been living in London for 8 years. He loves music, gigs, festivals and keeping fit, with an interest in current affairs, charity, economic and social issues. He enjoys networking, thinking outside the box and making things happen. He is passionate about everything he does, with a positive attitude.  


Katya Surudina, COO

With roots in Russia, Katya considers herself a loyal Londoner with love for its energy, vibe and people. She is a fan of creative and unorthodox events, has a diverse taste in music (from classic balalaika to jazz to house) and when not roaming the streets of London town she enjoys hiking in the mountains. With natural curiosity and interest in technology she is also a passionate problem solver and a geek.